Kim Kardashian Might Finally......Have An Ex?
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Kim Kardashian Might Finally......Have An Ex?

April 18, 2013 Kris Humphries

The never ending divorce might finally be ending!

Reports say that Kim and soon-to-be ex Kris Humphries might be splitsville very soon.

They've been ordered to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference.

It's probably in Kris best interest to settle. He DID sign a pre-nup after all, and he's already in the hole for attorney fees. He might be better off if he picks up his marbles and goes home.

And don't forget he didn't show up to the last hearing, so the judge might not be feeling too charitable towards him right now for wasting the court's time.

If the case goes to trial, there's also a chance Kris would end up with in nothing.

By: Maverine Lane

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