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Kourtney Kardashian’s leaving behind her customised house

October 14, 2014 Pink, Ralph Lauren

Only the Kardashians can get a genius interior design to decorate their house and then move on. Kourtney, who got her house in Calabasas, CA, styled and profiled by designer Jeff Andrews, is now looking for a new home and leaves behind an absolute gem filled with spaces that were also designed by herself.

The Office

According to Kourtney, it’s pretty much her husband’s room. To add a touch of sentiment, she had her father’s old desk refinished and filled with books that belonged to her parents. Kourtney did all the packing and colour coding herself.

The Family Room

This will have any resident swooning with pride. While the boho-chic room feels super sophisticated, the socialite insists it’s kid-friendly too with curved edges and a children’s kitchen tucked in the corner.

The Bedroom

From a custom pop-up TV to custom-built cabinets and end tables, this has Kourtney’s style written all over it.

Penelope’s Room

This room was decorated by Kourtney for her lovely daughter Penelope. Pink grasscloth wallcoverings from Ralph Lauren and a rug by Madeline Weinrib are just a couple of highlights here in this cosy kid’s nest.

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By: Maverine Lane

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