Kris Jenner And Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction
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Kris Jenner And Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction

October 22, 2012 Kris Jenner, .

.com/celebs/kris_jenner'>Kris Jenner is definitely following her daughter's footsteps. She was just recently seen in a very slutty Wonder Woman costume just like the one her daughter, Kim, wore a few years back. It is even safe to say that her costume is actually more revealing than Kim's costume back in 2008.

The Kardashian matriarch tweeted a photo of her in the said costume but one thing she probably didn't notice was the fact that both her boobs had a double nip slip.

It is still unclear whether she accidentally did this or not, but Khloe quickly pointed this fact out and tweeted "Hi nips, that's my mom!"

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