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Kristen Bell On "Cloud Nine" When She Got To Punch Meg Ryan

October 19, 2009 Kristen Bell, Meg Ryan

Kristen Bell was on "cloud nine" when she got to punch Meg Ryan. The blonde actress was thrilled to share a fight scene with the Hollywood legend in new comedy movie "Serious Moonlight."

She said: "I got to get in a fistfight with Meg in 'Serious Moonlight.' And she was so game. I was just like, 'Oh, my gosh. I am having a fistfight with Meg Ryan right now. I'm just on cloud nine.'"

Although Kristen enjoyed shooting the action sequence, she admits she found it hard to focus on her role because she is such a big fan of Meg.

The 29-year-old "Heroes" star explained to Parade.com: "She projects an iconic level of cuteness that I don't even think will ever be matched. She's chosen to take a few years off or whatever, so I forgot how utterly addicting and adorable her mannerisms are. It's like nothing I've ever seen."

"I'm thinking, 'Oh, remember when I first watched 'Joe Versus the Volcano.' I found it hard to concentrate because she's so cute. You know what I mean?"

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By: Maverine Lane

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