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Kristen Bell's Tearful Sloth Encounter on 'Ellen DeGeneres' Gets Auto-Tuned

February 10, 2012 Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard

By now everyone has seen or heard about Kristen Bell's emotional sloth meltdown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. If you didn't actually see the episode, you may be one of the 8 million-plus people who watched the video on Youtube.

To recap, Kristen has been obsessed with sloths her whole life and she described her overreaction when her boyfriend Dax Shepard, arranged for her to meet one on her 31st birthday.

"He says, 'Your present is here ... I had no context for knowing what it was, but I grabbed the dogs and walk into the back room of the house and I was immediately overcome and I thought, 'There's a sloth near,'" she explained.

Shepard, star of NBC's Parenthood, captured her meltdown on his video camera. "I didn't know how to process that ... my entire life had been leading to that moment," she said. "I start to have a full-fledged panic attack. I don't know how to compete with all this emotion, so I crawl on the bed and I'm crying so hard."

And just in case anyone thought Bell's hysterics were a prank, Ellen DeGeneres' suggestion that a sloth was waiting backstage caused the actress to start sobbing in anticipation.

Well, now the dramatic sloth moment has been Auto-tuned into a musical re-mix, transforming Bell's breakdown into a song.

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By: Maverine Lane

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