Kristen Stewart Facing A Breakdown
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Kristen Stewart Facing A Breakdown

August 22, 2012 Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Robert, .

.com/celebs/kristen_stewart'>Kristen Stewart, you know, the girl who starred in a certain vampire trilogy and then later cheated on her co-star boyfriend for a married man, well I guess you know her. But it looks like she's actually facing a breakdown after everything that has transpired the past couple of months.

It's never a good idea to cheat on someone you love but Kristen actually learned that the hard way. According to sources, she hasn't been sleeping and stays up all night crying.

Looks like it may take a while for her to cope up. But things will definitely get better, Kristen! So, stop moping around and just learn from your mistake. Then again, losing a certain .com/celebs/robert_pattinson'>.com/celebs3/robert'>Robert Pattinson will definitely be hard to swallow.

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