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Kristen Stewart spends time with BFF CJ Romero amidst Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield

January 6, 2014 Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

The internet is abuzz with news that long time friends Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield are getting close to each other. The contemporary artist, who has been a friend of Robert and Kristen for a long time, was seen with Robert. The alleged couple was touchy feely and were even flirting while she spent time with him in London.

To battle these rumours, Kristen Stewart is apparently seeking solace in her BFF CJ Romero, who has been constantly by her side, driving her around in LA and even accompanying her to Berlin, while she shot for Sils Maria. CJ too, like Nettie has been a mutual friend of the ex couple and has stood by Kristen in the trying time after the cheating scandal and the heartbreaking split from Rob.

Poor Kristen, it must be hard for her to know that a former friend is getting all the attention from someone she so clearly is still hung-up on. For the poor girl’s sake, we just hope that Rob and Nettie are just friends and there is nothing much to the story.

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By: Maverine Lane

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