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Kristen Stewart Talks about Her Strenuous Directorial Debut

May 16, 2014 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is working meticulously for her directorial debut.

Stewart is currently shooting a music video and while the shoot was on she picked up a baby goat that was making the scene at Short Mountain Distillery in Nashville.

"We hosted Kristen Stewart for her directorial debut at the distillery. We are proud to announce the video is finally done and will be released shortly," read a post on the spirits purveyor's Facebook page.

Kristen has been working since the month of February on the video for "Take Me to the South," a new song by her pal Sage's band, Sage + the Saints.

"Kristen has always wanted to direct, and no better person to do that for than Sage," a source told E!News at the time.

In the meanwhile, K.Stew cannot wait to see how her creative vision turns out to be.

"I've been saying I want to direct movies since I was 10 years old," Stewart told Rolling Stone in a new interview. "And then I started making movies and working with such incredible people that I realized what I was up against. So it was like, no way, now I'm gonna get more attention than I ever should just because of who I am.

"Basically, I'm grateful to Sage," the Twilight star added, "because she was like, I have this little thing, no one could tell the story better than you....just do it and stop being such a p--sy.'"

"We wanted it to feel like a glimpse of her life," Stewart described the M.O. behind the video. "And that's f--king hard. As soon as you start rolling, everyone turns into deer in the headlights."

"It's such a different pressure than the one that I'm used to when I act," she said regarding the challenges of directing.

"It's this very consistent strain that never lets up. Whereas with acting, there's small bursts...you alleviate bits of tension for the camera and then you go off and, I don't know, wait to stress out again. But there wasn't one second that I wasn't sitting with my head in my hands. It's your responsibility to hold this thing together, and I was always concerned I was missing something. Missed opportunities are the most gut-wrenching, painful, nauseating thing. As an actor, your job is to lose yourself in the moment.

"Losing yourself is the last thing you want to do as a director, so it goes against my instinct. I had to harness my energy rather than let it explode all over the set."

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By: Maverine Lane

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