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Kristin Cavallari Reveals Pregnancy Cravings and Jay Cutler's Valentine's Day Surprise

February 15, 2012 Kristin Cavallari, Betsey Johnson, Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari

Celebuzz's editor Rachel Maresca caught up with mom-to-be Kristin Cavallari Monday night at New York Fashion Week's Betsey Johnson show where she chatted about everything from her pregnancy cravings, her due date and how her fiance Jay Cutler surprised her for Valentine's Day.

She said of her V-Day plans, "[Jay] actually surprised me today (Monday). He flew in to NYC and surprised me with my little dog, we are just going to get dinner tomorrow night."

This will be Kristin's first Valentine's Day where she's sporting a baby bump, so what will she be dining on during this romantic day?

The Hills star admitted that she was in her "dairy phase."

"Ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, like anything dairy I had to have it and I am out of that now. I have been eating a lot of Twix which I don't typically eat but that is it."

So when is the baby due? Kristin wasn't so eager to release that info but she did admit that she does know. As for name ideas, she added, "We have been throwing around a few name ideas but once we find out if its a boy or girl it will be easier to pick."

What do you think she should name the baby? Help Kristin out in the comments!

She continued, "I find out [the sex of the baby] at my next appointment I am dying to know, once I find out though I am probably not going to tell (laughing)."

Maternity styles have been a big trend this year given all the celebrity baby bumps. This fashionista said of her mommy-to-be fashion statement, "Boho style, just because its comfortable, long dresses, long skirts, there is a lot of room to breathe and I am going to be really huge when it's warm outside so."

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By: Maverine Lane

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