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Lady Gaga and Her Bizzare New Look

June 13, 2014 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has gained reputation of being an eccentric dresser and continues to amuse us with every single look she sports.

This time Gaga is sporting a giant wig, and an adorable puppy. The singer's look inspires. It's like a ready-to-wear riddle: What does the "Applause" artist's outfit mean?

Lets look at the various looks of Lady gaga in the past

1. Her super fancy circus act. Everything about that collar says "clown" and yet the double-breasted dress is straight out of an Upper East Side memorial service.

2. The 18th century music scene with a Mozart collar .

3. Ladygaga as a confused ballerina with the tutu around her neck instead of the waist.

Lady Gaga’s wild sartorial choices leave a lot of room for fashion police to criticize her.

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By: Maverine Lane

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