Lady Gaga Praised Over Eating Disorder Admission
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Lady Gaga Praised Over Eating Disorder Admission

October 1, 2012 Lady Gaga, .

.com/celebs/lady_gaga'>Lady Gaga is doing incredibly well after admitting that she had to struggle with eating disorders. She just admitted to having bulimia and anorexia since she was a young adolescent of 15 years.

She just recently published a picture of herself posing in a while admitting of her eating problems. She is even urging fans to post their own photos as a Body Revolution 2013 campaign. This was done in conjunction with her Born This Way Foundation. She says that the drive is basically urging fans to be brave and celebrate their perceived flaws because practically everybody has some part of their body they are conscious about.

Upon her admission, a lot of health campaigners are backing her up. They say that this is a really huge step to the right direction.

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