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Leah Remini Accepts To Staring At J.Lo In Her Birthday Suit

August 13, 2014 Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Terrence Jenkins

Leah Remini had a really revealing conversation Guiliana Rancic and Terrence Jenkins.

The former “The King of Queens” star confessed to staring at bestie Jennifer Lopez’s naked body. But she assured there is nothing sexual about the glances!

"I do stare at her naked and not in a crazy way but I'm like what a bitch," Remini teased. "And I'll tell her, too…Disclaimer: I'm staring at you, I'm looking for cellulite and looking for things that my mind could compute and she's like 'Well, just look and try to find it.'"

Leah tends to forget that her BFF is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars, and was reminded of this during their trip to the Hamptons!

"To me it's not crazy. You know we're in the Hamptons like in our pajamas all day and you know I'm getting texts from people like, 'Yo! That video!' and I'm like, 'What? What are you talking about?' It didn't even hit me cause it's so crazy. I forget that she's 'J.Lo,' you know? And to me it's like calling her a dick is not crazy. It was like front news—I didn't call her a dick dick…that's a New York thing," she joked.

However, the Brooklyn babeappreciates why everyone isfixated with J.Lo. "I totally get the fascination with her. I'm fascinated with her. I sit across from her and I'm like, you're just perfect and I want to punch your face."

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By: Maverine Lane

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