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Leandro opens up on the reasons why he dumped Katie Price

October 25, 2012 Katie Price, Leandro Penna

Katie Price said it was sad that she and her Argentinian beau Leandro Penna had called it quits. She even sugar coated it by saying they had amicably said goodbye but as always; there is other side of the coin. Leandro spilled the beans to an Argentinian magazine giving his side of the story.

The 27-year old model dished on the real reasons why he broke up with Katie. He said she was driving him insane.

He said “I don’t know what is wrong with her. Her brain is not wired right”. He said he thought over it for a few days and packed his bags and left.

“I left her because she is crazy. What started beautifully in February last year but now come to an end. There is no going back”, he added.

Katie who has been married twice and is a mom of three had assured her fans that she and Leo had faced up uphill task maintaining their relationship because of the distance, family ties and work. She even said they wished each other nothing but the very best and will remain good friends.

The pair met last year and after dating for eight months they broke up but got back later with Leo ready to wed Katie. She consequently went to Argentina and met Leo’s parents in his home town of Cordoba.

Earlier this month reports emerged that the glamour model was planning to dump Leo because he hadn’t gotten a job and expected everything to be handed to him.

Katie also had to deal with the rumor that she was flirting with X Factor hopeful Dan Ferrari-Lane . She was reported to have been sending Lane flirty texts. To this Kate said their relationship was entirely innocent ad platonic and the rumors were utterly ridiculous.

One would want to ask; did it take him that long to notice that she was crazy?

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By: Maverine Lane

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