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Less is chill: Miley Cyrus advises teenage girls to stick to being themselves and not chase fake beauty

February 1, 2015 Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus

It's no secret that Miley Cyrus know how to make a style statement. But in her interview with PopSugar's Kirbie Johnson, the singer reveals how her outlook on fashion, beauty and life in general has changed in her journey from a celeb teen to an adult.

The Wrecking Ball singer also offers advices to teenage girls about beauty and reveals how her mother Tish and godmother Dolly Patron had influenced her style from her childhood.

KJ: What would be the advice that you would give yourself as a 16-year-old now?

MC: Oh my goodness... I think what I would give to 16-year olds today is like I said 'less is more chill.' I think when you are younger you make yourself look more older and everyone tries to tell you 'you are going to regret it as you get older'. I think I wear less makeup now than I was when I was 15 or 16.

KJ: I saw an Instagram picture that you posted in which you said 'this is me then and this is me now...'

MC: Yeah and I literally wear less. I had extensions and always had a feeling that I had to wear high heels and had to have my makeup done. And that's what I warned girls about in Instagram. Now a lot of girls are chasing girls that don't exist. They are chasing reality that isn't real because people got to fine tune and even going out is like a fashion show. That's just not reality. I kinda want to remind girls that that isn't reality. I am a real human and if that's real then I have zits and I ****... you know whatever... People are human and people forget that even people on Instagram are humans. They are all not what they seemed to be in a picture.

KJ: On a person note, I really appreciate that. It's really refreshing.

MC: Thankyou. Honestly sometime when you look at Instagram or Twitter and when you look at girls who are like 'why don't I look that way?' You see people who are 15 and look prettier. You they are done and you feel like crazy. But it's always been that way, especially for the girls. I think the formula for what's supposed to be pretty and what a woman is supposed to be is something that I think I accepted more when I was younger. Now that I'm older I am like 'Forget that! Who wants to be like that!'

KJ: You have so many lovely women in you life. Your mom, your lovely sisters, Dolly Parton. What's the best piece of beauty advice that anyone has ever told you?

MC: My mom has always been kind of cool. Even now I have been able to be free with the way I look. My mom always let me do. My mom never looked like a typical mom. The pressure never ends for women. As you get older, the pressure continues to happen. Other moms are judging me but my mom has never cared. My mom's got tattoos, long blonde hair - that's who she is. She loves rock and roll music and is an awesome mom. She's like 'don't judge anyone and be free. Be who you are.' She never tried to make me someone and put me in a box. Dolly too. Dolly's like 'Donut! What's on the outside, don't let that control what people think about you on the inside.' Let your insides always stand out brighter than whatever you have got going on.

KJ: Thank you so much. This is such a refreshing interview to talk to you about life and well beauty stuff is subjective you know...

MC: Yes. Put on your lip gloss and you look prettier.

KJ: Let me tell you you are one of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow and we were inspired by one your Instagram of a hairband and so I might have DIYed a hairband for you. I totally hotglued this this morning.

MC: How fun was it? The hot glue gun is like crack. All of a sudden you will be up in the night and you will be working. Thankyou very much. I liked the DIY.

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By: Maverine Lane

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