Lily Allen Recalls Performing Live Despite Having Diarrhea
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Lily Allen Recalls Performing Live Despite Having Diarrhea

September 28, 2009 Green Day, Lily Allen, C

Lily Allen once performed live despite having chronic diarrhea. The "It's Not Fair" singer's worst on-stage experience was when she fell ill with a stomach bug during a show in the U.S.

However, Lily was so desperate not to disappoint fans she refused to go backstage and visit a bathroom until she had finished the full set.

She explained to Q magazine: "The worst was being on stage in Seattle two years ago and I came down with diarrhea but I still went on. I was desperate for a poo the whole way through. At the end of the show I went to the toilet and it would not stop."

"The crowd were going, 'Lily! Lily!', for an encore. I didn't feel I could send anyone out and say, 'Will you lot shut up, she's having a c**p', but that was the truth."

Lily is not the only musician to suffer from an upset stomach during a show.

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt was so unwell during a concert at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey - which seats 80,000 people - he soiled himself on stage.

He revealed: "I had stomach flu or something, I came down from a jump and was like, 'That's not good!' I was throwing up before I went on."

After the smelly mishap a bucket was placed at the side of the stage which Mike used as a toilet seven times during the show.

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By: Maverine Lane

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