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Lily Allen Recalls Performing Live Despite Having Diarrhea

September 28, 2009 Green Day, Lily Allen

Lily Allen once performed live despite having chronic diarrhea. The "It's Not Fair" singer's worst on-stage experience was when she fell ill with a stomach bug during a show in the U.S.

However, Lily was so desperate not to disappoint fans she refused to go backstage and visit a bathroom until she had finished the full set.

She explained to Q magazine: "The worst was being on stage in Seattle two years ago and I came down with diarrhea but I still went on. I was desperate for a poo the whole way through. At the end of the show I went to the toilet and it would not stop."

"The crowd were going, 'Lily! Lily!', for an encore. I didn't feel I could send anyone out and say, 'Will you lot shut up, she's having a c**p', but that was the truth."

Lily is not the only musician to suffer from an upset stomach during a show.

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt was so unwell during a concert at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey - which seats 80,000 people - he soiled himself on stage.

He revealed: "I had stomach flu or something, I came down from a jump and was like, 'That's not good!' I was throwing up before I went on."

After the smelly mishap a bucket was placed at the side of the stage which Mike used as a toilet seven times during the show.

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By: Maverine Lane

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