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Linda Hogan Treats Ex as a Labourer

August 1, 2014 Linda Hogan, Hulk Hogan

Linda Hogan caused eyes rolling all across the globe, when the then 48 year old started dating 19 year old Charlie Hill, after splitting from wrestler hubby Hulk Hogan.

She has once again hit the headlines after her boyfriend filed a whopping $1.5 million lawsuit against her for mistreating him!

In the lawsuit, Charlie claims Linda used him as an unpaid labourer making him do all sorts of chores like waxing the yacht, digging a creek and fertilizing 25 acres of avocado trees. His list also includes pulling reeds from the lake, construction, landscaping and running a chain saw team and goes on and on.

What his lawsuit doesn’t mention is that he was living off Linda in her Simi Valley mansion on a lake.

But what’s surprising is that we’ve learnt from our sources that Linda and Charlie struck a settlement when they split where he promised confidentiality in return for his truck, dirt bike, the ring he gave her and $9k.

Charlie has violated his part of the bargain and Linda is furious and has had her lawyer file a lawsuit against Charlie, requesting a gag order.

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By: Maverine Lane

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