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Lindsay Lohan coming out with a tell all book – Publishers line up to get the rights

December 18, 2013 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a wild and exciting personality, that’s a truth that no one can deny. The 27 year old actress has decided to come up with a personal memoir, which will be a-tell all about her life. A lot of people would be interested in getting inside information and dirt about the troubled stars life, which is exactly what a lot of publishers are hoping to cash on.

Reportedly around 10 different publishers are lining up to Lohan for the exclusive rights of her ‘deeply personal memoir’. This book is based on the different journals that the star has been maintaining for a while now, especially while she was in rehab and will talk about stardom, childhood, addiction, teenage days, love life, family, money etc.

Publishers are willing to pay as high as 7 digit fees for the project. Well, we say it will be an interesting read and knowing how people like to get inside scoop, it might well become a best seller. It will be seen only once the book is published, the bigger question is when will it be published and who will do it.

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By: Maverine Lane

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