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Ludacris Annoyed at Delta Airlines for Changing Rules

August 7, 2014 Ludacris

Ludacris also known as Christopher Brian Bridges left his 13 year old daughter alone at the Atlanta airport.

The rapper, who landed in Atlanta on Monday morning from LAX, left his daughter in the first class lounge as she was supposed to catch a connecting flight to NYC from there.

But Karma, Ludacris’ daughter, was in for a shock when the authorities of Delta didn’t let her board the plane. After a 4-hour layover, Delta called and informed Ludacris that Karma wouldn’t be allowed to fly solo as she was under-15. They also informed him that the airline could provide an adult supervision for her, at a fee of $100, which the rapper refused to pay.

He went back to the airport and took his daughter home.

Sources reveal that Ludacris had booked the tickets himself and was informed that the layover would be only 1 ˝ hour long.

We're told Delta called Ludacris and informed him the airline would provide adult supervision if he paid a $100 fee, but the rapper refused. So he came back to the airport, picked up his daughter and they went home.Ludacris claims he was told that the only requirement was that an adult had to be present in NYC when the plane landed.

A source revealed that Ludacris was outraged at Delta for changing the rules last minute, though he later paid the $100 fee and sent Karma to NYC on the next available flight.

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By: Maverine Lane

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