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Madonna, 50, Embarks On A Salmon Diet To Look 12 Years Younger

January 9, 2009 Madonna, Liam Gallagher, Oasis

Madonna has embarked on a January salmon "retox" regime to "knock 12 years off her appearance." The 50-year-old singer is so determined to make herself look younger she has enlisted the help of health experts who have devised a new program for her packed with the oily fish.

A source said: "The new 'retox' means she has got a more cardio-intensive gym regime and a diet overhaul. She will also be eating a lot more salmon as it's got age-defying properties. Her aim is to knock 12 years off her appearance."

Last year, Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone - who wrote a book entitled "Life With My Sister Madonna" - alleged the singer had a facelift in a bid to maintain her youthful appearance.

When asked if he still recognized Madonna from the girl he grew up with, Christopher replied: "Not after the facelift."

He added: "I do recognize her in some ways, but I think ultimately she is a lonely person. It is truly lonely at the top."

It has also previously been claimed Madonna spends $120,000 a year on bottles of specially blessed Kabbalah water, believed to have properties which keep the drinker looking fresh and young.

A source close to Madonna said: "Madonna drinks a lot of water - that's one of her fitness secrets. And Kabbalah water is the only stuff she will touch."

Madonna isn't the only celebrity obsessed with the healthy properties of salmon. Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher eats the fish every day because it keeps him trim.

The rocker - who refers to himself as the "Salmon King" - said: "I'm always banging away at the fish man. My top three fish are salmon at number one, sea bass at two and sardines are third. My number one dish is f***ing salmon and stir-fry."

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By: Maverine Lane

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