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Madonna brings younger son David to the Grammies

January 27, 2014 Madonna

Madonna is one mother who spoils her kids. We mean literally!!! A few days ago, Madonna was in a controversy as she posted pictures of her elder son Rocco Ritchie and a couple of his friends holding bottles of gin and vodka. Of course it didn’t go down well with most people as they saw teenagers holding alcohol bottles.

Then it was the ‘Nigga’ incident, as Madonna posted a picture of Rocco and captioned it as “disnigga”. Of course, it sounded racially motivated but Madonna later apologized for saying the N word and said that she didn’t mean the word as a racial slur but rather she was used it a term of endearment for her son.

Now this time, there is another son involved but luckily no controversy. Madonna walked the Grammy Awards Red Capet along 8 year old son David. Most of us remember as David Banda, a small boy she adopted from Malawi, but we all were pleasantly surprised to see little David look like a fine young man. The mother son duo even wore perfectly matching tuxedos to the event. How cute!!!!

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By: Maverine Lane

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