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Mark Wahlberg sheds 60 lbs for an upcoming movie

October 9, 2014 Mark Wahlberg

After bulking up for Pain and Gain and staying buff for Transformers, Mark Wahlberg has now shed 60 pounds to get into skin of his character for the upcoming film The Gambler.

In an interview with USA Today, the actor revealed he’s playing a gaunt teacher-on-the-edge. However, Mark says the weight loss was nothing compared to the acting.

“Forget losing the weight. Being believable as a teacher was one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding. It meant being able to have the comfort to really understand and say those words,” says the 43-year-old actor, who completed his high school diploma online last year.

The actor also says that his weight loss from 197 to 137 pounds was on a medically supervised liquid diet.

“Losing 60 pounds was not fun. I was never a happy guy being deprived of food," says Wahlberg. "I like to eat six or seven meals a day. But we had to get rid of that stuff."

While dropping the weight is never an easy task, the actor is all kicked up about the role and insisted that energy was never an issue.

"My character is in every scene, but during the 12-hour days over six months I was on fire," says Wahlberg. "You prepare your whole life for a part like this. I was living on adrenaline."

Talk about commitment.

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By: Maverine Lane

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