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Megan Fox and Michael Bay end their feud – Megan Fox talks about it

April 11, 2014 Megan Fox, Jonathan Liebesman, Michael Bay

Megan Fox opens up about ending the feud with producer Michael Bay.

The reason is simple: both Fox and Bay are professionals. "He was one of the loveliest people that I dealt with in making this movie," the movie star, 27, says of the Transformers filmmaker, 49. "I've always loved Michael. We've had our battles in the past but even when I've been really outspoken about difficulties we've had, I've always followed up by saying that I have a particular affinity to him. He can be very vulnerable, and he's very likeable and loveable. I've always been very vocal about that as well. But, sometimes we clash because we both have very wilful, powerful personalities."

April O’Neil gets a complete makeover in the movie, "She's more of a leader when she explores her relationship with the turtles instead of just the human companion that gets dragged along on the adventure," Fox says of her revamped character. "It's more representative of a modern woman."

Fox will be seen mostly in jeans throughout the movie, "I'm completely clothed for the entire movie," she tells Entertainment weekly. "There's no gratuitous skin or sexual anything. [Director Jonathan Liebesman] was really insistent on not wanting her to be sexualized or to take that sort of typical role we've seen women take in movies thus far, and that I've taken in particular."

The transformers actress admits that she ‘’doesn’t mind’’ being viewed as a pin up. "It's actually a large part of my personality," Fox explains. "I think you can be that and you can also be intelligent and strong. I don't think they're in opposition to one another—at least in my life."

After her sons Noah,15 months and Bodhi, 2 months were born , Fox has reconsidered her career choices.

"I had just had Noah when I started taking meetings to see if this would work out for me," the Jonah Hex actress recalls. "How cool is it to have a mom that plays either a superhero or plays the part of this iconic franchise that spans so many generations? I mean, hopefully they'll both think I'm cool."

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By: Maverine Lane

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