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Meghan McCain Addresses "Slut" Furor Over Twitter Photo

October 19, 2009 John McCain, Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain has responded to the "slut" comments directed at her after she posted her picture in a tank top on her Twitter account. The former U.S. Presidential candidate's daughter slams critics who called her names for exposing her cleavage.

The 24-year-old columnist addressed the issue on her The Daily Beast blog, saying the media has a problem with her body.

The so-called "offending" photo features John McCain's busty daughter wearing a tank top, exposing her bountiful cleavage, and holding Arthur Danto's biography of Andy Warhol.

Almost immediately after posting the picture, she has been inundated with scathing attacks. She removed the photo and told her followers she was hurt by the "slut" comments she received.

She wrote on her The Daily Beast column, "I don't usually show off my cleavage - as I did in the photos I posted - which I admit is not the smartest thing I have ever done. But it's just not worth the drama it caused."

"And once again, a day after writing about my weight, it's the media that have a problem with my body."

McCain also pointed out the "infuriating" double standard on men and women, citing times when Rep. Aaron Schock and Rep. Jeff Flake were photographed without their shirt on and were called "hotties," but when she turned up in a tank top, she was suddenly an "embarrassment to the Republican Party and women everywhere."

She said the blog will be the last time she'll ever address the "non-scandal," hoping other girls can learn from the episode before they post any kind of pictures online.

"I just wanted to get that off my chest," she ended the article.

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By: Maverine Lane

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