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Michael Lohan Wants Demi Lovato's Dad To Shut Up

November 10, 2010 Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Demi Lovato, Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan can't stand those dads that are just like him. Lindsay Lohan's dad, who has just reunited with the troubled actress after months of estrangement, is threatening to rearrange the face of Demi Lovato's father if he won't stop talking about Lindsay.

Patrick Lovato, whose relationship from the Disney star has been strained since he and her mom Dianna divorced in 1994, talked to RadarOnline.com, blaming the pressures of showbiz for Demi's trip to the rehab center over "emotional and physical issues."

He said that he has gotten death threats from Demi's fans for speaking up, but adamantly asserts his right to talk "anytime I want to."

But it's not only Demi's fans that want Patrick to shut up talking about the daughter he has last seen in 2008.

Although Patrick's interview with RadarOnline.com didn't appear to make any references to Lindsay, Michael, who is notorious for speaking to the press about his daughter, wants Patrick to shut up.

He told PopEater, "There are two reasons why I have no respect for people who talk or comment about others. First, it's because, in most cases, those individuals are looking from the outside in, and they are passing judgment or commenting on people they know nothing about. The second is because they are too cowardly to say it to the person themselves."

And for good measure, Michael added: "I ask Demi Lovato's father to refrain from making asinine statements about my daughter, or say it to my face himself. And if so, I will pay for the transportation and his hospital bills."

Michael is the last person to talk, given that he also compared his own daughter to another celebrity.

He was quoted by Showbiz Spy as saying last year when he wanted Samantha Ronson out of Lindsay's life, "Britney's [Spears] father did control and she got her life back together. But Britney didn't have Samantha Ronson in her life."

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By: Maverine Lane

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