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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne – Girl on Girl action

January 9, 2014 Michelle Rodriguez, Miley Cyrus

Fans of the New York Nick’s had a gala time, when they got to witness two power packed games at the same time. Of course the victory of the Nick’s felt amazing, but the girl on girl action they witnessed on the stands, thanks to Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne was a completely different ball game.

It is no news that Cara Delevigne has a taste for women too, especially since the Victoria’s secret model was seen making out with Miley Cyrus recently. Also it is pretty obvious and a well known news that Michelle Rodriguez swings both ways. The duo was extremely friendly with each other and indulged in a lot of PDA.

It was Michelle who couldn’t keep her hands off Cara most of the time. The girls were spotted cuddling, sharing kisses and even posing for some funny selfies, which are yet to be posted by either of them. Anyway, from the look of it, the girls had their very own personal game going on while the teams played on the court…. Now we wait for the selfie’s to be posted…we hope they do…

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By: Maverine Lane

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