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Miley Cyrus and Seth Rogen Exchange Tweets

May 15, 2014 Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogen, Liam Hemsworth

One of the recent pics of Miley Cyrusís performance at the London club G.A.Y over the weekend received a comment from one of the fans stating the 21 year old songstressís knees resemble Seth Rogenís face.

The person has even gone ahead and posted a pic of Miley that shows off her knees to prove his point.

"Apparently my knee is my #MCM @Sethrogen evil twin," the singer tweeted to the Neighbors star and posted the snap on his account.

Rogen replied saying, "@MileyCyrus you know why knees are the best body parts? They're joints! (I'm sorry. I had to)," referring to marijuana.

Cyrus had also taken to Twitter on Tuesday to clarify the reports claiming that her recent expletives during one of her performances were not addressed towards ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth.

"just FYI what I said the other night at G.A.Y. had nothing to do with Liam. I was just trying to rile up the boys," she wrote.

"I don't usually respond to tabloidy stuff but this isn't something I want being spread around. It sounded hateful but not what I meant," Cyrus added. "I never want hateful things being said about those I care about... I was just tooooo turnttttt up."

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By: Maverine Lane

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