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Miranda kerr and Justin Bieber at 2012 Fashion Show

July 31, 2014 Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

Among all the controversy and punches being thrown around an old controversy has been brought up: Did Miranda Kerr really sleep with Justin Beiber after the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show?

Well, Miranda Kerr did NOT sleep with Justin Beiber after that show. This was Miranda’s claim, backed dynamically by her lawyer then.

Her lawyer even sent out a letter while the rumours were in full swing, stating that such claims were “false and defamatory” and that Miranda did not join Bieber in his hotel room after the show ended.

Just a reminder: Miranda Kerr was very much married to Orlando Bloom when all this took place.

Fast forward to today (or more like Tuesday) Orlando’s hostility against Bieber is a proof that Orlando didn’t buy the story’ not then, not today. And maybe, just maybe, this was one of the reasons for the couple’s split a year after this whole affair.

As far as sources close to Bieber are concerned, they maintain that the singer got ‘braggy’ when he talked about Kerr. So this whole thing may just be a publicity stunt?We’ll never know!

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By: Maverine Lane

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