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Miranda Kerr On the Cover of Marie Claire

July 29, 2014 Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr firmly believes that women should get in touch with their unique, individual selves—but they should also stick together!

"What I'm trying to encourage, specially within young women, is for them to celebrate individuality, embrace their authenticity and really feel like they don't have to fit into certain type of box," the model and author of the books Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself says in the August issue of Marie Claire México y América Latina, featuring Kerr on the cover and due out Thursday.

"Everyone is so different and we need to stand together and empower each other as women to be the best versions of ourselves that we know we can be. To achieve that, we need to feel our best, so we should motivate each other to eat healthy and expand on things we love doing. Some people are more intellectual, some people are really funny, whatever it is, we all have something unique to bring to the table.

"So, find what it is that you're passionate about, be true to your beliefs and don't feel that you have to be anything but yourself."

The 31-year-old Australian, who's also the founder of the Kora Organics skincare line and is a certified health coach, credits being a mom for helping her get herself organized.

"It's really been a great lesson for me on learning how to prioritize my time and planning efficiently so I make sure that I have enough quality time with my son," continued Kerr, who split up with 3-year-old Flynn's dad, Orlando Bloom, last year. "And, obviously being a businesswoman and a mother and working with different companies it's important for me that I balance it all out so that I can give my best, first and foremost to my son, but then also to my clients, and take care of my cosmetic business Kora Organics.

"I'm definitely more organized now that I've ever been and that's good for me because I already have my next two years planned out with certain contracts that I have, but I make sure that I take a few days off to be with my son when I get home. We read or dance together, we go and hang out with a playgroup or draw together. Those special moments are really important. I'm working ‘moth-er' not ‘harder.'"

"I would have to say being a mother and spending time with my son, that really fills my heart with joy," Kerr said. "Being in nature, like walking on the beach or going for a walk in the mountains, getting a fresh bouquet of flowers, taking a bath after a long day of work, putting the candles on, having a cup of tea with my friends, laughing and dancing around the house. The simple things add a lot of joy to my life."

And in addition to using her own Kora products, which are Ecocert- and Organic Food Chain-certified and packed with vitamins and minerals, Kerr enjoys yoga and pilates, and she tries to keep her diet interesting

"Learn to savor fresh products and remember that food can be medicine, it's the ultimate fuel for the body," she advises.

"I would also say, don't deprive yourself of anything, because if you do it's human nature to crave it even more. Living life in a balance is important. I try to be 80 percent healthy and 20 percent indulgent. When I travel I like to experience a different culture, try new food from all around the world and make the best out of life."

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By: Maverine Lane

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