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Murphy Dumps Strahan for Cheating on Her

August 6, 2014 Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy

Michael Strahan got dumped by Nicole Murphy in front of the world, right when he was at the door of fame. Why did she dump him? Well because he was apparently cheating on her!

A source close to the couple revealed that Nicole got a hint of Strahan’s “other” affair in early July and she started investigating. The moment she was convinced of his guilt, she went public with the news.

The source also revealed that they weren’t aware of the nature of the proof Nicole had got.

Nicole asserts that her timing of the revelation was coincidental and not spiteful and she only revealed it when she was sure of the news. Yeah it was really accidental that she publicized his betrayal when he was receiving the biggest honor of his life!

Other sources disclose that the couple has been broken off for quite a few weeks and their relationship has been on and off since Michael did the ‘Live’ gig 2 years ago.

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By: Maverine Lane

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