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Nick Cannon Breaks his Silence Over his Allegedly Troubled Marriage

October 10, 2014 Amanda Bynes, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon appeared cool and collected during a recent interview while talking about the extra public and media attention he has been receiving as a result of rumors about his and wife Mariah Carey's relationship.

The America's Got Talent host also revealed that he was recently in touch with Amanda Bynes, a former child star who appeared with him on the '90s Nickelodeon show All That and who became a tabloid favorite over the past two years over personal and legal issues. She has been making headlines again recently, since a Sept. 28 DUI arrest.

Sporting a dark blue jacket, matching vest and pink shirt and tie, Cannon appeared on HuffPost Live on Wednesday, his 34th birthday and weeks after E! News learned Carey, 45, planned to file for divorce. He was asked about how he focuses on his work while "going through something" in his "personal life." His answer lasted more than three minutes."It's interesting because dealing with your personal life in the public eye and really, a lot of the time, public opinion is the harshest thing about it, so you kinda have to block out all that stuff, even coming and speaking about it and talking about it, because people are gonna have opinions and I always kinda came to that belief that, ‘Hey, what people say about me is really none of my business,'" he said. "Or like, and if people truly feel like they need to be worried about my life, I think I tweeted something, I was like, ‘Hey, don't worry about my life, worry about why you're worried about my life.'"

"You know, I'm a very outspoken person. I've been in media all my life. I've created controversy. I've never stood away from it. I welcome it," he added. "Honestly, when you're dealing with things in your personal life, usually business is the thing that, at least for me, keeps you going, you know what I mean, in staying focused."

Cannon's marriage to Carey, with whom he shares a 3-year-old twin son and daughter, has for months been rumored to be on the rocks. In August, a source told E! News the couple was living apart. Cannon later confirmed this in an interview with The Insider, adding that there was also "trouble in paradise," which angered Carey. On Sept. 3, E! News learned she began the process of divorcing him, while he wanted a second chance.

This past weekend, Carey changed the lyrics of a Billie Holiday song she was singing during a concert to say, "I know you cheated, motherf--ker" and a source told E! News that she still plans to divorce Cannon.

He, meanwhile, has been spotted recently with a crucifixion tattoo on his back, covering his former ink, which had spelled "MARIAH."

"She reached out to me maybe, uh, a few weeks ago via text and I tried to call her back but I couldn't get her but we were talking on text," Cannon told HuffPost Live. "But I mean, it's one of those things. That's family to me and when you see those type of things happen, it's a process, it's a condition."

"If this was a person who was in a mental hospital, would you do the same thing?" he added. "But just because she's someone that is a public figure, we feel like, 'Oh, it's fun to make [fun [f her]. But no, this is someone who needs help, and rightly so, she was getting help and I'm pretty sure she'll continue to get help again..My heart goes out to her. I pray for her daily."

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By: Maverine Lane

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