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Nick Jonas confesses he's no longer a virgin

November 19, 2014 Jonas Brothers, Olivia, Wendy Williams

Nick Jones might have inadvertently revealed more than he should have. The Jonas Brothers' singer stopped by Wendy Williams Show and let it slip that he was no more a virgin.

Williams noticed he was no longer wearing his once-cherished purity ring and asked if he regretted discussing about his virginity in public.

"I don't regret it," Jonas, 22, responded. "I think it was an important part of my childhood and it was that. As I grew up, I sort of figured out what was important to me and my own belief system. We all grow up and we all live life and find out whatís important to us, thatís what happened. I went on that journey myself and Iím now comfortable with who I am and what I believe in and Iím an adult."

Williams then asked for reaffirmations if Nick was still a virgin. "No," he confessed, cheekily adding: "As I said, I'm an adult in all ways."

The singer also revealed that he wrote his hit song Jealous for his girlfriend and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

"We went out one night and this guy was looking at her for a little too long," he recalled. "It was uncomfortable. I'm not a jealous person and this was an experience that I was one or two drinks in. I really got into it and then I decided to let me just process this a different way and go into the studio and write this song."

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By: Maverine Lane

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