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Nicki Minaj has fired her glam squad

March 2, 2013 RuPaul

It was about time that Nicki dealt with those people who select the crazy outfits,hair and make up.

The diva who spots colorful outfits and wigs is reported to be desperate to be taken seriously as an artist.

The American Idol judge fired her hairdresser who has worked with her for years and also her stylist.

A source said that the singer feels that now that she is done with American Idol,she can finally be taken seriously and release a proper hip-hop album.

This dismissal comes just days after Nicki denied rumours that she went under the knife to earn those assets!

She had been asked is she did some surgical magic to enhance her face but the singer insisted that her face is natural.

Nicki said people think she has done something to her face but it is just the makeup.She said that when people see contour,they think she had a nose job.

She said make up can make your face look the way you want,like RuPaul's drag face.

Maybe this is why she has fired these guys!

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By: Maverine Lane

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