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Nicole Scherzinger says Yes to Lewis Hamilton

March 20, 2014 Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton

One couple who was with each other for long is Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger. Then things started going downhill for them as Nicole refused to marry Hamilton when he proposed and since then the couple has been apart for most of the time.

But things have started looking up for the couple as finally Nicole has agree to Lewis’s proposal this time. The formal Pussy Cat Dolls singer and the Formula 1 champion were in his Swiss mansion this time and he proposed for the 4th time. And Lewis got lucky the 4th time around.

As per a source close to the couple, “Lewis will be the bread winner for the family when Nicole is not working and she will have access to his private jet if she needs to travel.” The source added, “It is ideal for both of them and hopefully they will have a summer wedding in August as Lewis has a 3 week break from his F1 schedule”

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By: Maverine Lane

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