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Nigella Lawson was a Drug Addict for around a Decade - Alleges Former Assistants

November 27, 2013 Charles Saatchi

This may come as a shocker to all the fans of this celebrity chef but 2 former assistants of the chef have alleged that the host and creator of the cookery show Nigella’s Kitchen used to snort cocaine, smoke weed and pop prescription pills daily. This drug fueled habit lasted for more than a year.

This allegation was made by her former assistants who are battling Nigella and her ex-husband Charles Saatchi in a fraud case. As per the duo, Nigella had given them the liberty to use their company credit card in exchange of their silence against Nigella’s drug use, which she didn’t want her husband to be aware of.

They also commented on the recent choking event which led to the ultimate divorce between the couple and said that Charles choked Nigella because he came to know about her drug fueled habits. Meanwhile, since the court proceedings are in order, Nigella’s reps refused to comment on the issue

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By: Maverine Lane

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