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Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth spotted in Atlanta bar

February 11, 2014 Ian Somerhalder, Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev

Now that is unexpected. This is one couple (if they at all hookup) we didnít see coming. After splitting with on screen partner Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev has been mostly single. Liam was in a high profile relationship with popstar Miley Cyrus, which the couple called it off earlier last year.

The young stars were seen sharing a drink with each other and seemed pretty casual. They were along with a group of friends but seemed like they had eyes only for each other. The Australian hunk was generally friendly with everyone and also left a huge tip.

The due exchanged a quick goodnight kiss (strictly friendly) before going out their separate ways. From the look of it, it didnít seem anything serious but if at all the duo starts dating, it will be an awesome and good looking pair. We will just wait and watch on further developments.

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By: Maverine Lane

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