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Paul Walker leaves his estate to daughter Meadow Walker

February 5, 2014 Paul Walker

Meadow Walker may just be a teenage girl but she is already a millionaire. Though the young girl would have preferred that she weren’t a millionaire and her daddy was still alive. Paul Walker, who died in an unfortunate car crash almost 2 months ago, has left behind his $25 million estate for his 15 year old daughter Meadow Walker.

A source close to the Walker family said, “Meadow is the sole beneficiary of her father’s estate according to Paul’s will” and “her grandfather is the executor of the will”. Meadow has come to terms with her father’s death and is living with her mother and doing ‘fine’. As per the same source, “She is with her mother and is back to normal, spending time doing her schoolwork and being with friends.”

Just after Paul’s death, Meadow was completely devastated but now is coming out her shell. Now that she has all the money in the world, hopefully she doesn’t get drawn to the wild ways of Hollywood. Here’s wishing a lot of love and luck to Meadow Walker.

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By: Maverine Lane

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