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Queen Elizabeth Delighted By School Kids' Underwear Designs For Her

July 30, 2009 Queen

Britain's Queen Elizabeth was delighted when a group of schoolchildren designed underwear for her. Year six pupils aged between 10 and 11 at SS March and Michael Catholic Primary School in Garstang, Lancashire, came up with a variety of styles to keep the royal rump warm and comfortable.

A school spokesman said: "The designs reflected the concern felt by the children about the Queen's comfort and the length of time she has to spend sitting. Many of the designs were fitted with padding and one pair even had an air bag."

"The most popular choice of material was silk followed closely by satin although more practical designers opted for cotton and polyester, presumably because they would be easier to wash and get dry overnight while on long tours away from home."

"Perhaps their next venture should be pajamas for princes!"

Several of the designs included elastic in the waistband, so the queen would be free to eat as much as she liked at royal banquets.

The children also took the monarch's love of traveling, horse riding and gardening into account when designed the undergarments. They decided to come up with the pants pictures after reading a book called "The Queen's Knickers."

They sent all their drawings to the monarch, who replied via her Lady in Waiting Susan Hussy.

The letter read: "Her Majesty thought it kind of them to take such care with their work and to produce such imaginative designs."

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By: Maverine Lane

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