Real Life Barbie Doll
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Real Life Barbie Doll

November 10, 2012 ., Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova is now known as the real life Barbie Doll. She is a 21 year old native of Ukranian and she apparently has been under the knife a number of times to get the look she is now at.

She's been a hype in the internet world ever since she started posting pictures of herself online. She definitely looks like the real Barbie doll but she probably looks too unreal for most people. She has this amazing body that is apparently all thanks to her doctors and an itty bitty waist that is just so out of this world.

Once you get to see her pics, you wouldn't even know that she is real! One would think that it is just a photoshopped picture or an animation of Barbie.

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