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Rebecca Romjin Films Sex Scenes In Front Of Her Family

March 25, 2009 Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn films sex scenes in front of her family. The 36-year-old actress - who has three-month-old twins Dolly and Charlie with husband Jerry O'Connell - is currently shooting new U.S. TV series "The Witches of Eastwick," and has her twins on set so she can nurse them.

Jerry explained: "I watch the kids at work. It's good - they like coming to another place. Although, she had a kissing scene today, and it must have been weird for the other actor, to know she has kids and a husband nearby!"

Jerry, 35, is finding the twins hard work and is worried he won't be able to discipline them when they are older.

He said: "Nothing prepared me for what it would be like to raise twin girls. When one quiets down, the other one starts up. At night, I am sleeping more than my wife - who is a saint. She has to get up."

"I really thought I was going to be a very strict father about what they could wear, when they could go out and all that. But now that they're starting to smile at me, I just know they're going to walk all over me. If I don't see them for a couple hours, I miss them so much."

Before he became a father, Jerry insisted he was going to be very protective of his daughters.

He said: "Just the fact that they're girls, you know? I don't want them to date. They're only allowed to date men who run countries. They're only allowed to date men who are heir to the throne or are currently running a nation."

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By: Maverine Lane

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