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Revealing The Passion: Famous Celebrity Gamblers

January 29, 2014 Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Matthew Perry, Michael Jordan, Pamela Anderson, Tobey Maguire

If you come to think of it, celebrities are the best candidates when it comes to spending big and doing things in most extravagant ways. After all, they have the biggest numbers in their accounts. Therefore, who is more likely to spend a fortune in casinos? The famous people are, of course. At times they might have had enough of purchasing things and then perhaps the thrill of making more money through a few calculations or through simple luck seems appealing to them. See who has been gambling away their money and how far they went with it.

Pamela Anderson. The hot blonde is not necessarily into poker, as many celebrities are, although she had one poker debt at some time. Nor you will see her bending over to throw the dice, even if that would have made for an interesting sight. She is most fond of slot machines and that's what she's been frequently seen at.

Ben Affleck. He didn't go to rehab only for his alcohol addiction, but also for his gambling problem. This happened in 2001, however. In the poker world, he has real ability though. One time, he left one casino in Las Vegas with an extra $800,000. That was actually rumored as “drunken winning”.

Charlie Sheen. The actor hid his addiction quite well until his 1996 divorce of Denise Richards. His ex-wife had then declared that he would spend a stunning sum of $20,000 each week on sport bets.

Tobey Maguire. The innocent-looking Spiderman star surely had a weak spot for gambling. He was so much into this that he even engaged in illegal gambling, for which he got sued in 2011. While there are many casinos out there, online ones even, he felt he could take his passion even further and get involved in a clandestine multimillion gamblers ring.

Matthew Perry. The Ontario-born actor and comedian (Friends star) is fond of poker. He's been playing in tournaments but also for charity. He does frequent Las Vegas casinos and also online casino Canada gambling venues, but at least he is thinking of others and well and putting his money and skills at work for them.

Michael Jordan. The A-list sportsman seems to have used gambling as a way to relax prior to big games. He would participate in high-stakes games and often lose. One businessman actually claimed at some point that Jordan would owe him $1.25 million. Many gambling stories involving him have been heard along the years, even

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By: Maverine Lane

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