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Rihanna Insists French Tattoo Isn't A Typo

August 16, 2010 Rihanna

Rihanna's new tattoo isn't a typo.

The 22-year-old Grammy winner insists that her new tat "Rebelle Fleur" has correct French grammar as it has a different meaning in English.

After her new ink was revealed, Gawker.com argued that she got the phrasing wrong. Since the adjective comes before the noun in French, the phrase that reads rebel flower should have been written "Fleur Rebelle" and not the other way around.

But in a text message she sent her tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, it was revealed that she has been anticipating the media storm surrounding her new ink.

The message was leaked to OK! as saying, "rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebelious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first! Fyi, cuz they will ask."

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By: Maverine Lane

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