Rihanna No Longer The Face Of Nivea
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Rihanna No Longer The Face Of Nivea

August 8, 2012 Rihanna, Common, Nivea, .

It's common knowledge that .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna was once the face of .com/celebs/nivea'>Nivea. But, for no specific reason the head of .com/celebs/nivea'>Nivea, Stefan Heidenreich, is obviously not a fan of the said controversial singer.

Heidenreich actually expressed his disgust publicly. He said that he disapproves of the fact that the said sexy star will serve as the face of the said brand. In verbatim, he said, ".com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna is a no-go."

He adds that .com/celebs/nivea'>Nivea stands for trust, family and reliability. And he doesn't see those things in .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna. To add further injury, he said that the singer's ads that were actually shot last year should have never been released.

For her part, .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna tweeted, "No caption necessary."

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