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Rihanna Reveals Violent Past During 2007 Radio Interview

February 20, 2009 Rihanna

A previous radio interview with Rihanna from 2007 has surfaced, leaving some fans with a bit of insight on her views towards physical violence and her struggles in the past.

The star revealed in an interview with Dave Ryan, host of "The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show" on KDWB in Minneapolis that during an argument with her brother she hit him with a bottle and a phone.

Rihanna told Dave, "It was intense. I grabbed the first thing I could grab, a bottle. It left a bruise."

Host Dave Ryan commented on the interview saying, "Chris was obviously wrong to get physical with Rihanna. There's no excuse for his behavior. But when we listened to this interview in its current context, we were taken aback at her seeming acceptance of violence as a normal part of life. We ourselves were guilty of finding humor in the episode that from today's viewpoint, isn't funny at all."

Another thing to note, Rihanna was a lot younger at the time and it is not uncommon for kids, especially siblings, to have all-out blowouts sometimes leading to physical altercations. But, it is something completely different to have someone you love and are involved in a relationship with to allegedly try to strangle and kill you. That's just something to consider in light of such a terrible situation with different comments coming in daily.

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By: Maverine Lane

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