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Rob Lowe Doesn't Plan For The Future

September 28, 2009 Rob Lowe, Sheryl Berkoff

Rob Lowe doesn't plan for the future. The Hollywood actor - who has previously battled drink and drug addiction - isn't worried about what will happen over the next few years as his priority is to enjoy each day as it comes.

He said: "I really, really try to live for today. It's one of my main goals: to try and live in the now. It's why I love the theater; it's why I love golf, because it's a discipline. In your golf game if you're not in the now, you suck. Theater, it's the same thing. If you let up for a second, you're dead. It's a metaphor for life. It's a muscle: you have to practice living in the present."

Despite his troubled past, Rob - who has two sons with wife Sheryl Berkoff - doesn't regret anything about it because it's helped him become the person he is.

He told Britain's Observer magazine: "I would do everything the same. If you go back in time to try to change things, you could end up changing the future, and I like where I am in my life. I love my life, I'm really grateful for the things I have, and if I did something different it wouldn't turn out this way."

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By: Maverine Lane

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