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Robin Gibb’s former housekeeper may demand more than the £4m she was given for child care

May 27, 2012 Robin Gibb

Claire Yang, the former housekeeper and lover to the late Robin Gibb is causing sleepless nights to Robin’s widow Dwina Murphy Gibb. Rob’s widow now fears that despite having paid off their former housekeeper, money matters may come up after his death.

Dwina who married Robin in 1985 has been by his side and seen British singer through thick and thin and now is afraid the housekeeper and mother to his love child will demand a huge chunk of his money that is estimated to be about £140million.

Dwina says that Claire accepted to take the money offered in January for child maintenance, but she worries that she might do all it takes even if it would involve legal counsel on the matter. A source revealed that Dwina was disappointed that the legal fight was going on yet her husband was in hospital.

The insider said “Robin never walked away from his responsibilities and always made sure the child was fully provided for.

“If Claire goes to the funeral, she will be keeping her distance from Dwina and it will awkward”.

The relationship between Claire 36 and the late Robin is said to have been on for a long time but she was thrown out of the Gibb residence when Dwina found out she was pregnant.

Robin is reported to have bought Claire a home before their baby was born. Her friends said she was Robin’s companion and some added that the pair had a future together.

Dwina who had been married to Robin for the better part of his life had previously said they had an open relationship. She is bisexual and was okay with her husband having flings in the past with her friends. She said she was never worried about the flings because she trusts her friends.

The 59-year old widow and her family are distressed by the lengthy legal process, and not the money. The family accepts the fact that Robin’s love child ‘Snow Robin’ is a Gibb and will be treated like his other children.

Robin,62 died from liver and colon cancer on May 20.

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By: Maverine Lane

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