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Robin Williams Reveals He Only Had Two Weeks To Live Before Heart Surgery

May 15, 2009 David Letterman, Robin Williams

Funnyman Robin Williams was given just two weeks to live before his heart surgery. The 57-year-old actor revealed to David Letterman on his late night show that the surgery has extended his life.

Williams had to postpone his "Weapons of Self-Destruction" one-man comedy tour in March after doctors advised him to undergo surgery to replace an aortic valve replacement.

Eight weeks later, the comedian revealed to Letterman, who also had a heart surgery in 2000, that he had little choice in the matter as doctors warned him he could die if he did not go under the surgeon's knife.

He said, "They gave me... they said two weeks. I mean, when they initially went in, there was one doctor who I found out was going on vacation the next day who wanted to do the surgery that day."

"(Another) doctor said: 'Maybe you want to wait. You never want to have a surgery with a guy who wants to go someplace.'"

"But they said two weeks, and that allowed me to make the decision... You want to look for someone who's done a lot of them."

Williams remained enthusiastic throughout the show. He named and thanked his doctors, including the anesthesiologist he couldn't remember the name.

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By: Maverine Lane

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