Royal Family Pissed At Harry And His Handlers
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Royal Family Pissed At Harry And His Handlers

August 23, 2012 Prince, .

The Royal Family is definitely furious at .com/celebs/prince'>Prince Harry but this anger is also directed to his handlers. According to sources everything went on inside Harry's VIP suite at Encore. This means that the situation could have easily been handled if the handlers did their job.

It seems like when a bunch of girls were asked to meet back at Harry's room, his security team did not ask them to surrender their phones. They are probably from the Neanderthal times and didn't know that so much can be done with technology these days. Nonetheless, if a prince is responsible, he wouldn't need these security measures. Good thing he's not next on the throne. Even if his team did indeed act like a bunch of amateurs, the .com/celebs/prince'>Prince certainly did not act like a Royal.

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