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Seal on Split with Heidi Klum: I Felt People Deserved An Explanation

February 25, 2012 Heidi Klum, Seal, Piers Morgan

Although Heidi Klum has kept silent about her split from Seal, her estranged hubby has gone to several media outlets to tell his side of the story.

"When you publicize your marriage as much as our marriage was publicized, when you renew wedding vows, when you do all those things … you're giving people a picture of an ideal relationship that people aspire to," he said on the Fifi and Jules radio show in Australia (via People).

"When it goes south, you can't all of a sudden take the philosophy of a monk and decide to go for a vow of silence. It doesn't really work like that," he said. "I respect my wife's decision not to talk about that, but I felt that people at least deserved some kind of explanation why the picture of the ideal wasn't what they thought it was."

Some have criticized him for speaking out — but he says his media appearances right after the split was announced were a matter of bad timing.

"It's not like this happened and I decided the next week to go on the show," he added. He appeared on both The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Piers Morgan Tonight following the news.

Ultimately, he says his first priority is his family. "I've tried my very best to protect the general welfare of my family, my wife included."

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By: Maverine Lane

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