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Search Warrant Issued In Rihanna LAPD Photo Leak Investigation

April 29, 2009 Rihanna, Chris Brown

The investigation from LAPD on the source of the Rihanna photo leak from inside the department is closing in on TMZ, the celebrity gossip site which first leaked the shot.

According to a release from the Media Buffet, a search warrant was issued to the LAPD to allow them to search through TMZ's computer files and internet records which could reveal the source of the in-house leak.

The LAPD Wilshire Division detectives will begin investigations for the identity of the LAPD member in question. They will face termination and could face criminal charges.

The infamous photo of the singer showed the 22-year-old bruised and battered after an alleged attack from boyfriend singer Chris Brown.

The LAPD began with an internal investigation and a "personnel complaint" when the photo originally leaked back in February.

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By: Maverine Lane

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