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Selena Gomez Sings her Heart Out

May 2, 2014 Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has been venting out a lot of feeling on instagram using cryptic quotes and various song lyrics. And it is very obvious who she is addressing in all these posts. Yes you guessed it right Justin Bieber.

Gomez has pulled off this stunt yet again on Wednesday when she instagrammed teo heartfelt clips of her singing "Like a Star" by Corrine Bailey Rae crooning, "From tonight I know that you're the only one/ I've been confused and in the dark/ Now I understand."

Well, we can’t help but wonder what this gorgeous girl is trying to do. Is it a public message to her estranged beau Justin Bieber or she is just pouring her heart out. She sure seems to be going through a plethora of emotions.

Our guess is, that in the next video she might post she will be singing, “Still I wonder why it is/ I don't argue like this/ With anyone but you."

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By: Maverine Lane

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